User guide

Installation and removal instructions

ArrangeVistaSidebar is simple, self-contained and don't require installation. Simply run it. Uninstall is easy: just delete the executable file, the configuration file and, if you have created, the log file.

The configuration file is located at %LOCALAPPDATA%\ArrangeVistaSidebar.ini and the log file is located at %TEMP%\ArrangeVistaSidebar.log.

The project also includes a windows installer setup program.

Using the setup program

You must download the install package (ArrangeVistaSidebarSetup.msi) and optionally the setup bootstrapper (setup.exe). You need administrative privileges to run the installer. Besides the standard options (destination folder, install for everyone, etc) the installer presents an option to automatically create a shortcut in the startup folder. This shortcut will run on every login and ArrangeVistaSidebar will run with an option to move the gadgets to their original position, saved during installation.

Usage instructions

ArrangeVistaSidebar is a command-line windows application (it's not a console application) and most of the time it don't have a user interface. Generally speaking, it has two commands: save the current Y order of gadgets and restore the Y order of the gadgets.
  • To save the Y order of the gadgets: ArrangeVistaSidebar -s
  • To restore the Y order of the gadgets: ArrangeVistaSidebar -r

Typical steps to use are:
  1. Arrange your gadgets manually;
  2. Call ArrangeVistaSidebar to save their Y positions (ArrangeVistaSidebar -s);
  3. Create a shortcut in StartUp folder of Start Menu to run the restore command (ArrangeVistaSidebar -r).

It's done! When you login, ArrangeVistaSidebar will run automatically and it will restore the gadgets Y order to the saved settings.

Command line options

-? Display help information and exit.
-?? Output version information and exit.
-s Save gadgets positions.
-r Restore gadgets positions.
-t n Maximum time in seconds to wait for Sidebar finish loading (default = 30s).
-q Quiet mode (disable common error messages - used mostly by the install program).
-c Restart timer if cursor moves.
-l Output debug information to a log file.
-a Use ANSI characters to write the log file.
-u Use UNICODE characters to write the log file (default).
-d Output debug information to the application debugger.
-w Output Sidebar window structure and identify its windows on screen.

Adaptive timeout

ArrangeVistaSidebar uses adaptive timeout handling: if the user moves the cursor or if the program detects that things are evolving, the timer is restarted. A timeout will occur only if the sidebar state remains the same over the wait period and also if the user does not move the cursor during the same period. The cursor movement logic must be enabled using the -c option.

After the program finishes arranging the loaded gadgets, the adaptive timeout handling will be turned off and the program will wait a little more for the original remaining gadgets. When all original gadgets are arranged or the timeout period expires, whichever happens first, the program quits.

The default timeout value is 30 seconds.

Sample screens

Help Screen

Help Screen.png

Version Information Screen

Version Information Screen.png

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